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Bhubaneswar Project  


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Scheme No: P-35     
Location: General area Mauza Giringaput, Near MIT College
Development work:
As stated at the time of initial launching of the scheme, the development work at the project site included roads, external electrification and drainage.
As per the ongoing trends in Bhubaneswar the roads under agreement are to be developed with red bajri top.
The external electrification includes erection of electric poles along the roads and power supply to be provided by the electricity department on need to need basis of residents as and when they construct their houses.
The drainage work included open drainage system in front of all plots along the roads for draining out of water from the society.
There was no other work include in the agreement with Ms Brookson Infrastructure.
Current Status of Development work:
50% All roads have been aligned and demarcated.
50% Electric poles have been erected.
60% Land has been leveled in the complex.
100% required culverts over the nalas within the complex has been constructed.
50% plots have already been demarcated.
Drainage will be constructed only after residents start constructing their houses.
Status of Sale Deeds/ Registration:
Total Number of plots registered in favour of applicants: 457
Balance number of plots for registration in favour of applicants: 85
Number of NOCs issued to Ms Brookson Infrastructure for execution of sale deeds: 542
Likely date of completion of balance of registries in favour of applicants: up to 31 May 2014
Status of Mutations of plots:
Total Number of mutations applied for: 457
Balance number of mutations received: 151
Likely date of completion of balance of mutations in favour of applicants: 30 Jun 2014
Status of Handing Over of Physical Possessions:
Total number of plots: 542
Total number of plots demarcated for handing over of physical possessions: 282
Total number of plots in process of demarcation: 112
Balance plots to be completed for demarcation: 148
Payments made to Ms Brookson:
90% of total payable cost already paid to Ms Brookson Infrastructure till date.
Balance payments to be released corresponding to the progress of development work.
Message from the Chairman to the applicants:
The inconvenience caused to our elite members due to delay in the project is sincerely regretted. Efforts are being made to complete the work at the earliest. To compensate for the delay the developer had agreed to make the main central road with black top dammer and provide water supply system  in the complex but in order to provide security to pipe line and  avoid theft of pipes ,water supply lines shall be laid only after residents start constructing their houses.

Our Contact Nos (PLOs) {Timings: 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.}
For more clarifications regarding the scheme contact our PLO on 09953539045


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