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“This is our humble request to all of you. We need to spread the word for the soldiers who are still fighting…Our soldiers here depend on the support of our loved ones back home……Tell everyone you know of the trying times our brothers are facing. Tell everyone of the heroism of the soldiers who lost their lives and of the soldiers who are fighting to recover what they have lost.”  
"They Gave All...Let's Also Give Back Something" 

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"What an opportunity to give back to soldiers and their families. Anytime we can bring a smile to someone's face, especially in a critical situation that reinforces our spirit and our commitment to do the right thing".                                                ….Team SWO-INDIA. 

The Sainik Welfare Charitable Fund (SWCF) provides support, encouragement, and hope by treating each soldier like family. We value our soldiers' sacrifices and commitment to this great country and welcome the opportunity to serve them in their financial needs too.
We believe that the men and women in the Armed Forces are the unsung heroes of our country. They are often just "regular people" like everyone who are called upon to perform extraordinary feats under the most unrelenting conditions.

It's very hard for many of us to imagine the sacrifices that our soldiers make while carrying out their duty and the hardships endured by their families while their loved ones are far away.

Many of our soldiers are seriously injured while performing their duties and some make the ultimate sacrifice, often leaving behind wives and young children. We provide financial and emotional support for incarcerated soldiers and their families

Our primary goal is to help these men and women and their families retain their independence and maintain the dignity and respect they deserve.

In order to provide quality services to those families in need, we need your help!
In order to fulfill our mission, we need your help.
We believe that individuals and businesses across this great land will reach out and show their support for our unsung heroes. The Soldiers Welfare Fund stands ready to make your support a reality.

 The donations received from you shall be utilized for our support services to soldiers and families as under:  

  1. Provide financial assistance and support to the families of those killed in action.
  2. Provide financial assistance and support those wounded or injured in operations, particularly those who have had to leave the Service; to assist in finding them new employment and to help them become active family and community members.
  3. Provide financial assistance and support the families of those seriously wounded or injured in prolonged recovery situations.
  4. To help relocate and find housing for our soldiers in need.
  5. To construct and manage Transit Homes and Old Age homes for Ex-servicemen.
  6. To contribute for full /part cost of residential unit to be allotted as gift in recognition to their gallant act of  national gallantry awardees of “Chakra” series with effect from 15 Aug 09.
  7. To develop and provide hostel facilities for children and orphans of ex servicemen, widows and serving soldiers.
  8. To provide financial assistance to wards of ex-servicemen who are destitute/disabled/handicapped on case to case basis.
  9. Provide financial assistance to the Next of Kin on death of ex-servicemen/widow pensioner.
  10. To Fund finances for establishment of medical facilities, dispensaries, nursing homes, physiotherapy center and dental clinic purchases ambulances, sophisticated medical equipment and life-saving equipment for soldiers and families in rural, semi-rural, remote areas of India or in the residential colonies undertaken for development by SWO-INDIA.
  11. To contribute to Prime Minister's National Relief Fund in even of natural disasters and Defence Personnel Relief Fund in event of war.

The following soldiers will not be entitled to any of our benefits: Soldiers convicted for war crimes, drugs, sexual misbehavior, theft, or any act of violence. Soldiers will be screened and reviewed on a case to case basis. We do not endorse devious or violent behavior.

Utilization of Fund
The Trustees have wide discretion to use the fund to enhance the welfare of Soldiers (sainiks)and that of their families at home and to relieve hardship or distress, either generally or individually and to provide grants to any other charity or charitable organization associated with the SWCF. SWCF under a Public charitable trust and enjoy recognition of certification and exemption of Income Tax under section 80G  for donations that it receives .
For Donations to Sainik Welfare Charitable Fund
Please send Cheque /Demand Draft in favour of “Sainik Welfare Charitable Fund”payable at New Delhi along with the Donation Form available on the website and send it on the following address by registered mail:

Postal Address 
Chairman SWCF
409, Block-C, Veer Awaas,Sector-18 A, 
Dwarka ,New Delhi-110078.

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